My Brothers,

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer, and that everyone is doing well. As summer winds down to an end it is time for action. We come into the new Masonic year motivated and ready to work. I look forward to leading the Lodge throughout the year and becoming stronger and closer as a group. My Brothers, welcome to the new Masonic Year with Valley Stream Lodge No. 1143.

Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 3rd at 7:30pm. This will be a regular business meeting, and will also serve us to go over our plans for September 17th when we will have our 2nd degree. We have five Entered Apprentices awaiting this 2nd degree, and with the whole summer in between degrees, I’m sure they are ready for the next level.

I hope that all my officers have been practicing and know their parts for the upcoming degree. There is still three weeks to become proficient with them. Let’s make this degree’s ceremony as nice as their 1st degree was. I also encourage all Brothers of the Lodge to attend School of Instruction this month on the 22nd at Baldwin Lodge, as well as the District Team Presentation on the 29th at Rockville Centre.

I’ll see you all on September 3rd.


W∴ David Toron