Valley Stream Lodge No. 1143 Free and Accepted Masons

Becoming a Freemason

Becoming a Freemason is considered by many members of the fraternity one of the most important events to happen in their life. Becoming a Mason rewards you with the gift of acceptance and brotherly love. If you're interested in joining, listen up.

If you know a Mason, simply ask him. We have a suble slogan in our fraternity, and you may have seen it on some bumper stickers:

If you don't know a Freemason, then there are still a number of ways to become a Freemason. Not knowing a Mason doesn't make it any harder to become one.

Your first option, is to simply fill out our contact form. Your form's contents will be sent to several officers within Valley Stream Lodge 1143, and we would be happy to help you on your path to becoming a Freemason.

Another option is to use this lodge locator (New York only) to find a lodge near you. You can then get in touch with one of that lodge's members, and they also would be happy to help you in becoming a mason.

Not sure if Freemasonry is for you? Consider these qualifications:

  • Membership in a Masonic Lodge is open to all men 21 years of age or older — regardless of race, color, or religion. Our membership requirements are very clear:
  • You must be of good character and reputation. You’ll have to provide evidence of living a positive life through references from at least one Mason and three other people.
  • You must believe in a Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul. This belief is not proscribed — rather, we encourage you to be steadfast in the faith of your choice.
  • If you still want to know more about Freemasonry, you can send an e-mail to requesting information. If you are outside of New York State, simply find the website of your State's Grand Lodge, and they will surely provide any information you may need.